Telecommunication services
The state-of-the-art equipment, skilled personnel and continuous improvement allows our Business Center to provide only high quality communication services.

We offer:

  • High quality connection
  • Fax transmission
  • Voice mail
  • Allocation of direct telephone numbers
  • Convenient tariff plans
  • Local, long distance and international telephoning
  • In-house PBX connection 
  • Multichannel telephony
  • Equipment free of charge for subscribers
  • Video conference service
  • PBX operator service
  • Messaging service


 High-speed Internet access via a dedicated line (Ethernet) is a modern and economical solution for your business.



  • Wireless Internet access Wi-Fi
  • Provision of additional IP-addresses
  • High protection against unauthorized connections


Additional service - ISDN (integrated service digital network), which is a real alternative to leased data transmission lines, provides access to the basic connection options with data transfer rate of 128 - 512 kbps: